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Today, more than ever, telephone costs are becoming a significant part of business overheads.   The monitoring and control of this expense by conventional methods can be both costly and time consuming.  Using the data your telephone company provides can help,  but this can be basic and difficult to interpret.  When was the last time your telco gave you stats by your own company departments, or told you how many calls you didn't answer.

TIM effectively puts you in control.

He utilises the data output from your telephone system, checks it, costs it, and stores it, automatically.  From this, a series of management reports can be produced.

TIM is a Windows-based application.  He works on 95, 98 and NT.  He demands a Pentium-II doesn't mind sharing it with other applications, providing they leave him with a free serial port.

Depending on the size and usage of your telephone system, it is possible that TIM will pay for himself in under six months.


Why TIM? He Controls your Costs

TIM   gives department managers the information they need to control their own telephone costs.  Because of this, savings of up to 30% are not unusual.

All this information can be displayed and printed on demand.  TIM will even email it to you!


He Identifies Lost Calls

And lost calls mean lost business. TIM identifies the number of unanswered calls, when they are being lost, and how long it's taking for your agents to answer them?


He Monitors Line Usage

Do you have enough lines?
Do you have too many lines?

TIM hard at work
monitoring your calls

TIM inspects your telephone traffic and can readily suggest trunk optimisation.


He Retrieves Information in Seconds

TIM has a very powerful and fast call selection facility and  flexible filtering options,   enabling him to produce reports on a wide range of relevant parameters.


Reports available


The Reports TIM can produce are as follows:-

Summary Reports

* by department
* by extension
* by trunk
* by group
* by incoming calls


Report-writing is TIM's speciality.

Detail Reports

* by date and time
* by dialled number
* by call type
* by extension
* by cost
* by department
* by duration
* by account code
* by trunk
* by ring time


* Top 50 calls
* Popular numbers



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Reports can be as simple
or as complex as you like
with TIM's incredibly flexible
call selection approach.

Billing Reports

Your organisation can pass on call costs to your own departments, cost centres, or even other companies, including facilities for mark-up and bill runs.


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A simple interface makes billing easy

Pick up a TIM for your office by using our on-line order form, or if you want more of TIM's vital statistics, call our Sales team on 020 7920 7090 (Press 2 for Sales)
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