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VinceNT works around the clock - or on demand - providing prompt, professional handling of your incoming telephone calls.

VinceNT offers customers a warm greeting for every call and gives them the option of being routed to a number of destinations throughout your organisation, including a live operator.
He gives all your staff their own mailboxes.  These boxes can be contacted from anywhere at anytime.
Windows NT is now the fastest selling workstation and server operating system in the world today.  This proven networking solution provides the most flexible, reliable and universally-accepted platform for an ongoing evolution of features.


All of this combines to make the VinceNT messaging system the most scalable, dependable and communicative package available today.   This ensures you get a state-of-the-art system built on a platform that protects against obsolescence.
VinceNT incorporates all standard voicemail features as well as a myriad of others:

  Visual Call Management (VCM)
  Unified Messaging by e-mail
  Visual Networked Faxing
  PC-based Mailbox Administration
  Natural Text-To-Speech


What's VCM? Brings telephone integration to the user's PC.   Staff can perform mailbox maintenance and messaging functions from their desktops - as well as their telephone handsets.

The sender, date, time, length, subject and message status appears for each new and saved message in the user's mailbox.

Visual Call Magic
When an incoming call arrives, the user can see who's calling and with a single mouse click, can choose to:

  * Take the call
  * Queue the call
  * Redirect the call (to voicemail
    or another extension)

VCM - Use your mouse to keep out unwanted pests!

Unified Messaging Using the latest in network technology, including MAPI and TCP/IP protocols, VinceNT provides users with integrated unified messaging.

This convenient feature allows users to retrieve their voice messages along with faxes and emails,  and all this from an easy-to-access Windows E-mail Inbox (such as Microsoft Outlook).

Advantages of this method of message retrieval include:

* Voice & Fax messages can be managed from the same place
* Attach fax messages to emails and forward them to multiple people
* Record or take existing voice messages from other mailboxes and send them as emails (with or without adding text) to one or more people

Unified Messaging in action

One stop messaging from now on...

Visual Networked Faxing When users receive voice mail messages with attached faxes, VinceNT gives the users the flexibility to easily view each fax on screen and save it to disk.

Full pages or portions of faxes can be pasted into other Windows applications, such as a word processor or database.

Of course faxes can be printed or sent to another fax machine, using the fax printer driver as a virtual (networked) printer.


PC-based Mailbox Administration VinceNT allows users to record, activate and manage their mailbox greetings, adjust mailbox call transfer and messaging schedules, control their message delivery and paging set-ups by selecting graphical icons and entering information on-screen in the VCM window.


Text-to-Speech Users can call a single point to hear if they have messages, be they voice, e-mail or fax.  All text messages can be converted to voice and listened to remotely.




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Will VinceNT run on any type of network? The voice server operates on any type of network running TCP/IP, regardless of whether that network runs NetWare, Win 95, 98 or NT - and regardless of whether it is set up in a peer-to-peer or client/server configuration.
Where are voice and fax messages stored? All VinceNT's voice and fax messages are stored on the LAN voice server PC - not on the LAN server. This design ensures that even if the LAN is down, the voicemail system is still fully functional.


Does the system require an NT LAN? Although VinceNT runs on the NT platform, it does not require an NT LAN. Our NT-based systems will operate on Novell, Windows NT, Windows 95 and other networks running TCP/IP.
Any more questions? Ask VinceNT by email:  [email protected]
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