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 Customised CTI Software

 How can we help you?

Tri-Line's real strength lies in our team of dedicated telecomms developers who can readily advise you on how to tackle your project.  They'll provide complete systems analysis, produce a proposal document, and discount any work that we undertake on your behalf.

We'll share with you some of the tips and tricks of the trade, that can turn your telecomms software system into a corporate money generator that people will even enjoy using!

Most of our telecomms software is designed to run on Windows NT/2000 industrial PCs, but because of our networking strengths, we can easily integrate with systems running on UNIX/Linux, Macintosh and legacy Mainframe systems.  We aim to produce transparent solutions with minimum equipment redundancy, ensuring you keep hold of your investments but bring them into the modern age.

There isn't even the hefty price tag associated with bespoke software - you can opt to rent or lease the resulting system, further ensuring that your project won't become outdated, whilst allowing you full control over its costs.

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