About us

100% privately-owned
100% UK based
Zero operating debt
£2m+ private assets


Tri-Line is a privately-owned British company based in central London, specialising in the development of telecommunications management information products, primarily in the field of call logging and accounting, recording, CTI and statistics software.

Since 1999, we've been invigorating the sector with the best IT technologies, turning otherwise unfriendly and unimaginative tools into must-have weapons that every IT/Telecom manager wants.

Never afraid to challenge traditional market models or ideas, you'll find our very-pro-customer approach genuinely refreshing.

Right from the start we've been self-funding, freeing us from the demands of hungry shareholders, to focus on the betterment of our products.

Whilst thousands of our customers are based here in the UK we have a number of distribution agreements worldwide including Ireland, Iceland, Denmark, France, Germany, the USA, Spain, Nigeria and Russia, and supply systems direct to more remote destinations like St. Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean!

It's our mission to be the most streamlined, flexible, agile and smartest communications supplier in our industry.  We will achieve this by constantly challenging our competitors and offering better choice, better products and better prices.  This will be underpinned by our complete dedication to effective customer management, a commitment to staff training and development, as well as our underlying belief in the strength of our products and the integrity of our company.

All of our development, support and operations are UK-based, and annually over 50% of our profits are re-invested in research and development - an unprecedented figure, not just in our market, but in business generally.

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What we do

We're well known in the industry as home to some of the best telecommunications software available, like the market-leading TIM family of call loggers, and TIM Talk call recorder.

Our TIM Professional call logging product, initially released in 2000 broke new ground with its in-built web server.  Even today, many of our competitors struggle to offer this basic in-built functionality.

Our focus on combining the development of our own products with cutting-edge technological developments has allowed us to lead the call-logging market in terms of features offered.  Our obsession with ensuring that the interfaces are "deceptively simple" ensures that both our resellers and customers find the products easy and intuitive to use.

Since starting out with a single call logging product in 1999, we have developed our portfolio so that we now offer 3 different call logging products designed to suit businesses of all sizes, from small companies thru to large multi-national organisations.  We also offer fully integrated call recording and integration of these products with 3rd party databases and CRM systems.

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Our people

All our staff share the common values of being bright, technically astute, creative, honest and committed to both the company and our products.

Our staff are one of our most valuable assets. They are the people who communicate with both potential and existing users on a daily basis and provide the 'face and voice' of Tri-Line. We encourage our people to listen to a customer's needs, and to be accountable for any promises they make. This way, no-one's disappointed!

We work together as a team to support and enhance the products we're proud of... we believe you won't find a more dedicated team in the industry!

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Company information

Date of incorporation 11/10/2020
Registered in England 3856240
VAT Reg No GB 749 8871 58
QAS BS EN ISO 9001:2008

We are registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner, license number Z8752533 for the responsible use of private, privileged and confidential telephone call records and voice interceptions.

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