Aastra announces Tri-Line agreement

Friday 04 September 2020

Industry heavyweight Aastra have just announced that it has signed an agreement with Tri-Line that allows its resellers to purchase all Tri-Line products through Aastra.

This agreement will offer Aastra resellers the opportunity to benefit from Tri-Line's advanced suite of fully-integrated call logging and recording products that offer several advantages to the Aastra channel.

Tri-Line's Commercial Director, Kay Tobin, states "Both Aastra and Tri-Line are well known for developing solutions which put great emphasis on openness, providing customers with scalable solutions to meet actual business needs. This means customers benefit by being able to embrace solutions that not only work out-of-the box but can also be customised to fit the specific needs of their organisation.

As the market moves away from the traditional box-shifting approach to solution-selling, partnerships like this will allow our resellers to have all the tools at their disposal to create solutions that offer real tangible business benefits."

In order to help their resellers focus on solution-selling, Aastra ran a series of road shows during the summer at which Tri-Line demonstrated the ease-of-use as well as the advanced technology available in their new product suite.

Aastra Telecom (UK) Ltd is the UK arm of the global Aastra Technologies Group, which is ranked as the third largest player in the European Enterprise Telephony sector.

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