24/7 Self-Service Gateway open for business

Wednesday 28 April 2021

Tri-Line's new self-service gateway is available 24-hours a day, giving authorised resellers full access to all their account information, while enabling them to log a customer in the knowledge that the customer can download and self-license any Tri-Line product seconds later.

The goal here at Tri-Line is to do everything we can to help our resellers generate, close and keep any client logged.  Sales people can now download brochures fully customised with their individual contact details.  Engineers can download any product, install and watch it call home to self-license for a free trial.  They can also raise tickets as well as track any outstanding or completed jobs.  The accounts team has access to invoices, statements, in fact every transaction that they've ever had with Tri-Line.

Mike Hill, Tri-Line MD, said: "We've put a lot of time and effort into both our products and the way we deploy them.  We invest heavily in technology to ensure the products and services we offer are permanently available to our customers.

It's even better when this is on a multi-tiered, resilient and premium performance internet carrier class solution.  We've just upgraded our in-house internet to a new uncontended low-latency 100Mbps circuit to ensure our backbone delivers."

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