Live Display Boards - Video Showcase

Monday 21 March 2021

We've just launched the first of many new product videos to showcase the fantastic features that underpin our products, and to let you see how intuitive yet powerful our products really are.

Our first set of videos demonstrates the unique live Display Boards that are included with TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise so you can see how simple we've made it to gather, distill and convey information which otherwise could drown you under a thousand traditional reports!

With our Display Boards, simply decide what call information is relevant to you, where and how you'd like it to be displayed on screen, and that's it!

Run them full-screen on a plasma display and see your fully-customised, continuously-updated information live, as calls happen. This way, you and your team know exactly who's performing.

Because Display Boards are part of the standard web platform that underpins TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise, you need nothing more than a standard web browser to benefit from them.

Take a look at the videos now:-

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