100% Cisco-verified call logging now a reality

Wednesday 01 June 2021

We're delighted to announce that our latest version of TIM Enterprise has passed the official Cisco Interoperability Verification Test (IVT) for the Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.0 and 8.5 systems, with a 100% pass score.

This certification underpins Tri-Line's commitment to delivering a reliable and scalable call logging and analysis solution that is 100% compatible with Cisco Unified Communications equipment.

Jamie King, business development manager and Tri-Line's biggest Cisco fan explains:-

"With an increasing number of customers using ever-more complex call flow scenarios, it's important to demonstrate interoperability through IVT.

This certification means customers can be reassured that our technologies are fully pre-tested, thus reducing integration costs and minimising any risk of failure.

In order to simplify the deployment of our solutions with Cisco products, both TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise also make use of Cisco's AXL APIs.

This enables our products to synchronise all devices (handsets, soft phones, users), User Device Profiles for hot-desking and trunks with our own directory.

"This removes a large portion of initial setup and administration time when a new system is installed. Now, a customer can easily deploy and configure a Tri-Line system in minutes, even across large sites with thousands of users and clustered equipment."

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