TIM now fully IVT tested with Cisco UCM and UCME

Monday 08 August 2021

TIM Plus has passed the official Cisco Interoperability Verification Test (IVT) for the Cisco UCME (Call Manager Express) 8.6 with a 100% pass score. This follows successful IVT testing of TIM Enterprise on UCM in May 2011.

Jamie King, Cisco business development manager at Tri-Line states :-

"I look after the Cisco program here at Tri-Line and wanted to ensure that we were fully compatible with both the Cisco UCM and Cisco UCME. As most resellers will know these are two very different products serving very different markets and it is important for us as a manufacturer to be fully conversant in both".

"This additional certification means Cisco customers continue to be reassured that our technologies are ready for deployment on any Cisco platform. As with TIM Enterprise, we make use of Cisco AXL APIs for easy set-up and configuration on TIM Plus."

"This enables our products to synchronise all devices (handsets, soft phones, users), User Device Profiles for hot-desking and trunks with our own directory."

Tri-Line has also launched a Cisco micro site to provide a quick, easy reference point for Cisco resellers and users.

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