Call recording
The technique we pioneered to attach audio to every single phone call on virtually any telephone system is unsurpassed by any other call recording vendor.  Our TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise call loggers can now be transformed into high-end voice recording solutions.
We blend the audio of each call directly into the call logger, so wherever you see an itemised call in any call logging report, you can just click to listen to it!
Unlike other, separate, call recorders that require special client software, any call is securely playable through the existing web interface, using nothing more than a standard web browser!
And because our call loggers are so open, your third-party software immediately gains access to the voice recordings.
So now you can integrate voice into your own back-end systems, such as CRM, policy administration and supply chain systems, perhaps searching for calls by customer number, policyholder, etc.
Call logging
Virtually all telephone systems (PBX) produce details of each phone call they make or receive.
With the hundreds of formats that this data can take, processing it is a science in itself.

Happily, our call loggers hide this complexity.
Out of it, we give you a standardised 360-degree view of all your phone calls, with powerful yet intuitive reports and live statistics to help you manage them.
Our products are suitable for every type and size of organisation, ranging from those with a handful of people, right up to global infrastructures encompassing thousands of users across multiple territories.
You and your colleagues get secure access to this valuable information, the amount being decided by you.   And you access it all through a standard web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Chrome. So apart from the call logging server itself, there's no need for any special client software at the desktop.