The only call logger to specifically cater for small- to mid-range organisations that want a single, unified management and reporting interface for up to five PBXs.

  • Windows service
  • Log up to 5 sites
  • Call recording option
  • Unlimited display boards
  • Unlimited web logins
  • Quick call search

Latest version
11 November 2020


Advanced call logging across multiple PBXs through a simple, intuitive, cross-browser compatible web interface.

TIM Plus is the only call logger which specifically caters for mid-range SMEs wanting a single, unified management interface for logging calls for up to five telephone systems (PBXs).

It sits squarely between our entry-level, single-site TIM Professional product, and our award-winning TIM Enterprise product, which provides comprehensive management information for larger organisations whose telecommunications infrastructures employ large-scale, interconnected voice networks.

The deceptively simple user interface of TIM Plus shields the user from its powerful call processing engine and its multitude of modern features.

TIM Plus runs as a Windows Service and all of its functions, configuration, and call reports are accessible through a standard web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari.  Out of the box, the standard configuration allows you to log up to five PBXs, and has an initial capacity of up to 100 users which be spread in any configuration across these five PBXs.

It's easy to upgrade, too.  Simply purchase additional capacity in blocks of 100 users (Up to a maximum of 400 users).

We use the term 'user' in a conceptual way - a user of communications services in your business - not just a physical device such as a telephone or fax machine.  Thus, if an employee (a user) has more than one device, such as a desk phone, a mobile phone, and even a separate DECT handset, then that counts as just one user, not three!

TIM Plus can take mobile billing feeds from your provider, and reporting on these is easy... just select them as a specific call type in any of the reports!

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Product differentiators

Like TIM Professional, TIM Plus will pick up information output by your telephone system and allow you to report on these calls.

All the reports from TIM Professional are available in TIM Plus but you also have the advantage of unlimited up-to-the-second Display Boards.  Here are some of the other advantages that TIM Plus offers over TIM Professional:-

  • It runs as a service rather than an application
  • It is licensed by user rather than site
  • You can log up to five sites on a single license
  • You get unlimited display boards as standard
  • There are additional report formats (PDF, CSV, Excel)
  • It uses a native SQL database rather than Microsoft Access
  • You can upgrade to add our fully integrated call recording solution
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Log multiple sites/PBXs

TIM Plus takes the data from up to five PBXs over either a serial connection, a TCP/IP socket, or direct by file spool.  One TIM Plus installation can log data from multiple PBX vendors, and these PBX's can be spread across one or more sites.

So with all sites logging into one central place, now you don't need separate call loggers for each of your PBXs.

TIM Plus logs up to 100 users across as many as five PBXs right out of the box, and is expandable in simple 100-user blocks up to a max of 400 users.

Adding a new site is easy, you simply to the Directory and add a site. You can then click on the Properties button to add properties for that site.  These properties can include but are not limited to; the PBX connected, inactivity timers, LCR routes, alarms, specific locations and account codes.

And remember, that although you are logging several sites, you can restrict users to accessing only one site for reporting purposes!

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Easy configuration and setup

You can easily synchronise TIM Plus with third-party systems e.g. Active Directory or Cisco AXL. This removes a large portion of initial set-up and administration time when a new system is installed.

As the user you have full control over the frequency with which TIM Plus subsequently polls for changes and automatically updates. To view a video showing how easily this is achieved, please click below.

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Everything in one place

Running as a Windows Service, all of the administration of TIM Plus is performed through a standard web browser from any machine on your network.  Whether it's a PC, a Mac, or a Linux box... as long as it's got a web browser, you'll be able to administer all of your sites' phone call data in one, simple, easily bookmarkable place!

We've combined the magic of modern web techniques with a clean, crisp look and feel, to make every single aspect of administering your call logger a breeze.

And it's easy to delegate, too.  By simply adding a new web user to the system, the administrator gives individuals the secure access they need - to just the parts of the business they want, all controlled by a standard web login.

Delegated web users can run ad-hoc and scheduled reports, their scope being limited to their group membership.

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Gone are the days of having to run an entire report just to locate a single phone call.  So now, from the front screen of TIM Plus, alongside the live call view, you can quickly locate the calls you want.

As TIM Plus 100 is also bundled as standard with all TIM Talk products, it also provides you with a secure easy way to administer access to recordings!

Customisable web content

The whole web interface is made up of open standards HTML, CSS, Javascript and images, served directly from inside standard folders, so you can customise exactly what your users see and do.

Dig a little deeper, and the behaviour of any of the internal AJAX functionality can be altered, meaning you can integrate your company intranet right inside your call logger... or the other way round!

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Customisable headers

We recognize that different organizations want to see different call information.  Therefore all headers in all 'Live calls views' are completely customizable.

Simply tick or un-tick the columns you would like to display to show in the Live call view.  If a green tick is displayed alongside the header, it will be displayed.  To prevent wrapping we would recommend that you do not display ALL information!

Also note that columns can be displayed in any order you choose.  To re-order, you can simply click on and header and drag left or right until you reach the position on the screen where you would like to display it!

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Getting your call data

Here are just a few of the popular methods TIM Plus can use to source the data from your PBX:

  • TCP: Raw TCP Sockets Both inbound (daemon) and outbound (client) socket connection methods.
  • FTP: File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Batch transfers from billing providers, or large PBXs, can sink or send data to TIM.
  • DSN: Connect directly to a database, and periodically retrieve new call records
  • File: Process data directly from a file, via another method such as a serial connection, or directly from the PBX
  • Custom: For non-standard interfaces, a completely open scripting facility can instantiate third-party objects to retrieve data in a fully customisable way.
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