Maintenance cover

Many people have invested thousands of pounds in call logging systems - sometimes monitoring multiple telephone systems - but fail to keep them up-to-date.

Although your TIM call logger is unlikely to fail, technology moves on.  We price our maintenance very competitively to ensure that you can easily afford to have ongoing maintenance.  This means you not only get the latest software revisions, but you can call us at any time for help or assistance in running reports.  You also have peace of mind, knowing that your investment is safe and will continue to work with no additional cost to you if you replace your PBX for a newer model or embrace new technology that is unforeseen at the time of install.

In summary maintenance cover on all products includes the following as standard:

  • Standard software revision updates
  • Unlimited calls to our support desk
  • Full access to all Tri-Line online services
  • Free interface upgrade when upgrading or changing switch
  • Access to updated online manuals and facility to download latest manuals

Where hardware or on-site maintenance is ordered, the following is also included:

  • Unlimited site visits
  • Repair or replacement of hardware
  • Labour and travelling time incurred in above

In summary, this means you not only do get the latest software upgrades to keep you up to date as technology advances, replacement software in the event of a PC failure, but you can call us at any time for help or assistance in running reports.

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Tariff updates

Tariff pricing is the main cause of cost discrepancies when it comes to reconciling the call logger's reports to a phone company's telephone bill.  It's important to update your tariffs, since these reflect network changes, such as local dial code and other number group changes.

All TIM products provide three options regarding tariffs:

  • Self edit: Users are given full access to the tariff tables and can search for and edit any tariff at any time. They can also add new codes and bands.
  • Bespoke tariffs: Users can order a bespoke tariff which will be custom designed for them.
  • Tariff subscription: The annual Tariff Subscription Service allows users to send us their revised tariffs at any point during the year and get a free updated tariff table. The cost of the Tariff Subscription Service will vary depending on the number of different carriers included.

Note: All software will be provided with a BT standard tariff.  Updated standard BT tariffs can be provided on request to any maintained customer.

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Non-maintained clients

Non-maintained clients must pay for use of our support services.  This is charged on an hourly basis.

We cannot install older versions of our software so if you do not have a backup of your original software, we will also charge an upgrade fee to bring your system up to date.  This charge is calculated as a percentage of the original purchase price of your system and depends on how out-of-date your current version is, as per the following table:-

TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise

Your version Upgrade fee 35% 25% 20% 15%

TIM Professional

It will cost £249.00 to upgrade any version prior to

It is therefore much cheaper to ensure you have a maintenance contract in place, if you need to call our support desk, even if that's only once a year!  Annual contracts start from as little as £99 per annum, so make sure you ask your supplier for details.

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Hardware failure

In the event of a hardware failure, we will replace – free of charge – any system that has valid maintenance.  For un-maintained software, you will need to pay our support team to assist in the re-installation; this is charged at our standard daily engineering rate.

Licenses are re-issued free of charge, but where the fate of the original license cannot be reasonably determined, there may be a delay in the issuing of a replacement license whilst we determine its validity.

Since a system's license is linked to the hardware on which it resides, changing your hardware will invalidate the license. If you are sure you do not want a maintenance contract but are worried that the license will not be transferred at a later date, a hardware dongle can be purchased at £50.

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Product manuals

Manuals for all products are available in two forms:

  • PDF downloads
  • Online

Maintained customers will be able to access either using their secure online access.  There is no limit to the number of downloads for online manuals and no restriction to access them.

All manuals will be for the current version of software only.

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Upgrading your software

Maintenance includes software assurance so upgrades to our software are free of charge for those who have a valid maintenance contract with us.

Check the list below to see if you are due an upgrade.

ProductLatest version
Last updated24/11/2020 11:26
TIM Professional2.181.0.28
TIM Plus3.0.0.92
TIM Enterprise3.0.0.92
TIM Talk1.0.0.83

Examples of recent TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise V3.0.0.9X product enhancements include:


  • Busy times report
  • Call volumes report
  • Call scoring report
  • Missed calls report
  • Random call selection
  • Unused devices

Additional features

  • Interactive graphs
  • Display board templates
  • Ability to use existing display boards as templates

For those without maintenance, the cost will be determined by the version you are upgrading from.

Current upgrade charges for non-maintained clients:

  • V3.0.0.5X to V3.0.0.9X   35% of RRP
  • V3.0.0.6X to V3.0.0.9X   25% of RRP
  • V3.0.0.7X to V3.0.0.9X   20% of RRP
  • V3.0.0.8X to V3.0.0.9X   15% of RRP
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Trade up to a better product

Our "step-up" policy ensures that cross-product upgrades attract a full refund of the lower value product. For example, if you are a user of TIM Professional and would like to upgrade to TIM Plus, Enterprise, with or without the TIM Talk options, your vendor can offer a refund against the original purchase.

In all instances, please contact your original vendor.

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All prices quoted exclude local tax.