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Interactive Voice Response systems
What is IVR?

The exact definition of IVR is Interactive Voice Response.  You may well ask what does this mean?  It could be a simple system used for call connectivity where the caller selects from the options given in order to get to a specific area or person.  It may be a more complex system incorporating speech recognition.  We believe that each company or organisation is unique with a totally different caller profile.  That is why our IVR systems are customised for each individual site.

Some of your concerns may include the following:

  • Do you want to automatically answer all calls?
  • Is there a need for human intervention?
  • Can you give priority to existing customers or those with contracts?
  • Can you identify existing customers before answering calls and customise responses accordingly?
  • Can callers break out of the automated system?
  • Can callers give voice responses to questions as well as pressing digits?
  • Will the IVR system be used simply to collect information?
  • Will the information collected need to be transferred to another medium for storage or analysis?
  • Do you have the facilities to manage the system in house?
  • Is the system likely to expand rapidly at any time in the future?
  • Will financial or other transactions need to be verified on line?

If you would like to speak to someone to discuss your requirements in more detail please call 020 7920 7090 selecting Option 2 from our main menu alternatively to fill in our Sales enquiry form click here

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