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We're 100% committed to our products and we want to ensure you're always getting the best from them.   Which is why we offer comprehensive maintenance on our entire product range.

Having maintenance from us means you can relax, safe in the knowledge that should anything go wrong, we'll be on-site at any time of the day or night* to get your system back up and running.

Maintained clients also receive the latest upgrades and tools to keep.

Here's a list of prices for maintenance on our popular products:


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Prices correct at 1st December 2001.  Prices are per annum and exclude VAT at 17.5%. E&OE.

Call Logging Software per annum
TIM Professional
(no limit to number of lines & extensions)
Per extra site 100
Voicemail & Auto-attendant Systems per annum
KVT Corporate Office 2 Lines 500
KVT Corporate Office 4 Lines 500
KVT Corporate Office 6 Lines 600
KVT Corporate Office 8 Lines 800
KVT Corporate Office 10 Lines 900
KVT Corporate Office 24 Lines 1800
KVT Corporate Office 25+ Lines Please contact us
NETTEL Customer Service Systems per annum
NETTEL 5 User 800
NETTEL 10 User 1200
NETTEL Larger + Multi-Server Please contact us

Terms & Conditions

TIM Call Logging
Keyvoice Products
Nettel CRM System
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 Terms & Conditions

* Standard maintenance does not provide for 24-hour support.   This is available for an additional premium.

To review our general terms & conditions document, please click here.

Terms & Conditions

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