Display boards rule!

16 June 2021

The web has already massively changed the way organisations consume data. This is why Tri-Line has embraced the browser as the defacto user interface to its call analytics products.

Additionally, we've pushed our Display Board functionality as a real alternative consumption method over traditional textual and chart-based reports in both our TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise products.

A recent user group poll concluded that most Tri-Line software users make use of Display Boards much more than reports. The reason is simple: templates make the construction of Display Boards straightforward. And being completely customisable, it's so easy to support the message they're trying to get across, by including only the metrics they want to know.

By focusing on specific and relevant metrics and keeping them clear and simple, they meet the ultimate objective of any data visualisation tool: they tell the story in the simplest way possible!

Although the comprehensive reporting engine in both TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise are fully customisable, it's our Display Boards, with their all-you-can-eat zero-license requirement, that are really beginning to shine.

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