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What is call logging?
Your telephone system (or PBX) produces a packet of data (a call record) after every phone call your organisation makes through it.  These call records contain important information about each call, including whether it was an incoming call, and outgoing call, or another type, such as an internal (extension to extension) call.

Call records contain details of the calling party and the called party, as well as extra information such as the length of time it took to answer the call, the number that was dialled, the caller ID of the calling party, and other information, such as which telephone line (trunk) was used to carry the call.

The practice of call logging involves capturing these call records, sorting and storing them in a central database, and their subsequent retrieval by way of a reporting interface.

  Call logging must-haves  
  When choosing a call logger, always look for these features...
  All-in-one simple solution  
    Don't bother with upgrades and add-ons if you expand your phone system - make sure you get all features as standard.
  Web interface  
    No serious call logging system today should be without the ability to report on your call information through a web browser.
  No extra client software  
    Don't let the call logger violate your network security policies, or allow dubious third-party client software to clutter your desktop machines.  The call logger's reports should be accessible through a standard web browser with no client software whatsoever.

  Our call logging products  
TIM Enterprise
Our award-winning call logger for big business, with a robust SQL back-end for high-volume call processing, an unlimited-depth hierarchy and the ability to integrate with your own back office processes and applications.


TIM Plus
Our mid-range, feature-rich call logging and statistics package, ideal for SMEs with up to five telephone systems.  Runs as a Windows Service and is completely administered using just a standard web browser.


 TIM Professional
  Our market-leading entry-level call logging application, ideal for single sites, and up to 300 extensions. One great low price for all sizes.
All features come as standard, including a built-in native web server straight out of the box!


Which one's right for me?
Undecided about which product to choose?

If you have one single phone system and need to log no more than 300 extensions, our no-hassle TIM Professional application is the simplest, easiest-to-use call logger on the marker.

If you have more than one PBX or want access to the great live, up-to-the-minute wallboard and leaderboard statistics, choose our TIM Plus product which runs as a Windows Service and is completely administered using a standard web browser.

If your business communications are a mix of interconnected voice networks, either from one PBX vendor or many, and you need an accurate reporting hierarchy that matches your business structure, choose our award-winning TIM Enterprise call logging platform.  It's fully customisable, you can delegate administration to key personnel, and it runs on robust SQL technologies such as MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server.

Remember, you can audition any of our products, free for a fixed time, so try them all if you must!

We are the call logging people, so whatever your call logging needs... speak to us.

(We're quite knowledgeable on the subject!)

On-line live demos
Each product has a live, on-line demo running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

See each product information page for details.
  PBX compatibility list  
  We support every make and model of telephone system.  Here we list the most popular models:
Aastra IntelliGate
Alcatel OmniPCX, Office, Enterprise
Ascom Ascotel series
Avaya IP Office
Avaya Communications Manager (ACM)
Avaya Definity/Media Gateway
Avaya iNDeX
BT Monarch, Interconnect
Cisco Call Manager V4, V5, V6
Cisco Call Manager Express (CCME)
DeTeWe PBX range
Ericsson MD-110, BP-24, 50, 250
Fujitsu Rhapsody Rio
Inter-Tel Axxess
LG GDK 34i, Goldstar series
Lucent EuroGeneris
Mitel 3300
Mitel 3600
Mitel 5000
Mitel Imagination
Mitel SX50
Mitel SX2000
Nitsuko DXE
Nortel BCM all sizes
Nortel Norstar Compact Plus
Nortel Meridian 1 Option 11, 51, 61, 81
Nortel MCS 5100, 5200
Nortel DMS 100
Nortel Succession 1000
Panasonic DBS series
Panasonic KXT-A, KXT-D series
Philips Sophos
Plessey ISX
Samsung DCS series
Samsung EzLink
Siemens Hicom, HiPath series
Siemens Realitis DX
Splicecom Maximiser
Telrad IS128
Toshiba Strata DK, CT, CTX series

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