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The big business call logger

Big businesses need big call logging.  Yours is spread across multiple sites, using PBXs from various vendors - some of them over IP.

Your call records are vital - from billing and auditing to customer service accountability. You already have call logging but it's old and clunky and misses many of the features of even today's small-end systems, such as being accessible through a web-browser, alerts by email, easy maintenance, and so on.

Imagine a multi-site system built on robust SQL technology (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server), with more features than smaller, more flexible call loggers, from a vendor that's no stranger to big businesses, finance houses, and of course SMEs.

That'll be TIM Enterprise from Tri-Line...

You get cutting-edge features like seamless IP-PBX integration, IP traffic monitoring, a high-end billing platform that produces phone company-style bills, and other great features like missed call notification by email or SMS text message. There's also a desktop directory client for linking your sites' employee directories together.

Consider it as a larger version of our market-leading call logger TIM Professional, but built for massive data throughput.   TIM Enterprise is used by some of the biggest companies in the UK, and organises not only their UK offices, but their overseas divisions as well... all fully manages over their existing infrastructure.

See the TIM Professional product page for the basic information, including what reports you get, then give us a call to arrange a completely free trial on your own site(s).  We understand your needs are exact, and by offering you a free trial with your own data, you can be sure that what you see is what you pay for!


The award-winning call logger


Most Innovative Software
Comms Business Awards 2008


  Why is Enterprise different?  

TIM Enterprise differs from our standard call logging product in the way that is stores its call data, and its directory information. Here are a few of the differences:

Distributed directory

TIM Enterprise includes a distributed directory as standard, meaning your employee directory can span multiple sites, and aside from the usual user and telephone information, customised fields are available for items such as e-mail address, office location, and so on.

Unlimited hierarchy

With unlimited directory objects (users, extensions, channels, trunks, PBXs) you can faithfully recreate any organisational structure, with as many TDM or IP PBXs as you like.

Unlimited Reporting Collections

Reporting collections allow you to collate separate groups of users from across your entire organisation. No longer are you constrained to your actual organisational structure. For example, report on all of your sales teams from across the world, and compare like-for-like, as a single virtual group. Groups can be served by any number of PBXs from anywhere in your structure.

Use Duplicate Extensions

Multiple PBXs can now use the same or similar extension number ranges, because each PBX is
unique in terms of management and reporting.

Intelligent Inter-Site Trunk Routing

Simply define the relationship between a group of trunks on one site, and itís counterpart group at
another, and TIM Enterprise automatically reconciles CDRs from both, costing them using
customised tariffs, or zero-costing them as Ďon-netí (or internal) calls.

Mobile CDR Billing

TIM Enterprise users donít just have extension numbers - they have mobile numbers, too.
So now carrier-provided mobile CDRs can be processed in the same easy way as standard
PBX call logging CDRs - you donít even have to set anything up, itís automatic!  SMS and data is supported as just another transaction type and is stored centrally for reporting and integration with 3rd party products.

Runs as a Windows Service

TIM Enterprise runs as a Windows Service, ensuring high-availability with auto restart on failure, and with inherent unattended execution, your server doesnít require any user intervention - it runs automatically at start-up, without even having to log on.


Unlimited Remote Users

Remote users are given access to a defined point in your organisational tree, where they can administer the system, view statistics and run reports, from anywhere using a standard web browser. Thereís no practical limit to the number of remote users. As with all Tri-Line products, security is of paramount importance and users access can be restricted to allocated reporting areas only or restricted based on IP address.

Unlimited Live Statistics

Stats collection points can be defined at any point in your directory, and call can affect more than one point, allowing unlimited semi-live wallboards for any division, cost centre, group or individual across your entire organisation.

Open Standards Interfaces

TIM Enterprise embraces open standards, and provides many interfaces for attaching third-party applications such as call recording, hotel front of house, CRM, screen popping, company diaries and even door entry systems!  Using XML, HTTP, and other widely-adopted standards, there are no restrictions placed on integration with the central directory and call databases, when given appropriate permissions.

Uniquely Flexible Pricing

TIM Enterprise is the only enterprise-class call logging system that allows complete flexibility in size and spread of deployment. It prices well on multiple sites with a low port count, or few sites with a high port count, or even a mixture of both!


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You can try out TIM Enterprise free for 14-days.  Simply send us your details and we'll send you back an installation package, and book a session on the phone with one of our technical support people.

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How To Buy  
To arrange a demonstration, or discuss how TIM Enterprise can be deployed into your own infrastructure...

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