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Advanced call logging across multiple PBXs through a simple, intuitive, cross-browser compatible web interface.

TIM Plus is the only call logger which specifically caters for mid-range SMEs wanting a single, unified management interface for logging calls from more than one telephone system (PBX).

It sits comfortably between our entry-level, single-site TIM Professional product, and our award-winning TIM Enterprise product, which provides comprehensive management information for larger organisations whose telecommunications infrastructures employ large-scale, interconnected voice networks.

The deceptively simple user interface of TIM Plus shields the user from its powerful call processing engine and its multitude of modern features.

TIM Plus runs as a Windows Service and all of its functions, configuration, and call reports are accessible through a standard web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple's Safari.

Out of the box, the standard configuration allows you to log up to five PBXs, and has an initial capacity of up to 100 users which be spread in any configuration across these five PBXs.

It's easy to upgrade, too.  Simply purchase additional capacity in blocks of 100 users.

We use the term 'user' in a conceptual way - a user of communications services in your business - not just a physical device such as a telephone or fax machine.  Thus, if an employee (a user) has more than one device, such as a desk phone, a mobile phone, and even a separate DECT handset, then that counts as just one user, not three!

TIM Plus can take mobile billing feeds from your provider, and reporting on these is easy... just select them as a specific call type in any of the reports!


Log multiple PBXs


TIM Plus logs up to 100 users across as many as five PBXs,
right out of the box!


  Create team leaderboards  

Encourage team competitiveness by displaying live leaderboards on a plasma monitor to groups of users.


  Live wallboards  

Show live, up-to-the-minute statistics for any site, group, or individual in your business


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