A simple, quick, easy-to-use, and fully-clickable report which starts with a complete summary of all extension groups' activity (both incoming and outgoing calls) along with each group's total call costs.

Click on the group you're interested in, and the report zooms in to show the same summary information for each individual extension in the group you selected.

Zoom in further by clicking on a particular extension and the report will show you a detailed log of all activity on that particular extension.   An added bonus of this report is its ability to identify calls on extensions that you mightn't have thought even existed!  These are shown at the foot of the extension groups and upon clicking, will detail each individual extension that had activity during the period you selected.

Example Output


When accessed over the web, either as a result of a user logging in to the system remotely, or having received an email containing a portion of the report, each extension group and individual extension is shown as a hyper-link which, in effect, runs another report containing the required information.


In order to save an end-user finding and clicking a particular extension group, the report's parameters can be preset to begin on this extension group, rather than a full summary of the whole organisation.  This is especially the case when a user with restricted access rights wishes to run the report.