This telecoms manager's dream tool breaks down each business day into half-hour periods, showing the maximum and average number of telephone lines you can expect to be busy during that time, based on an intelligent hindsight-based reporting formula.

You can concentrate on incoming or outgoing calls only, and limit the analysis to a specific group of trunks, or even for calls to certain destinations.

Example Output


This report can help in line provision decision-making, allowing you to analyse traffic to certain dialled destinations, as well as the standard individual and groups of trunks.  This information could be used in determining whether private networks are necessary between your sites, or in deciding which carrier would be able to route your calls cheaper.

The inclusive graph shows maximum and average high-points and, based on its predictive information, will highlight 'danger times' when you can expect all of your trunks to be busy, and therefore unable to take further calls.