Produces clear, vivid pie charts and a detailed table with complete information about where you make your calls to: local, national, international, mobile, etc.

Each segment is shown as a percentage of the number of calls, and again as a percentage of your total cost, enabling you to quickly identify call types that, whilst few in number, can be expensive in the end.

As with most reports, the call selection can be narrowed down to focus on a particular extension group (or even individual extensions), or to look at calls going out over specific carriers, enabling you to make decisions about which carrier should take which types of call.

Example Output


Identifying carrier selection has never been easier - you select the type of call you're interested in and match them against either an individual direct trunk, or even Least-Cost-Routed (LCR) calls by entering the prefix into the report parameters.

The report is site selectable, to cater for your different carriers at each of your sites, if applicable.