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Sprightly wallboard statistics

SpliceQueue is the replacement for cumbersome and expensive wallboards for call centres of all sizes.

Instead of paying over the odds for old-fashioned, LED-driven displays, the SpliceQueue system exploits the fact that most call centre agents also have a PC at their workstation, and displays queue and call information there instead, using a choice of different 'flavoured' client software.

The system consists of two very simple but powerful software components - the Server and the Clients, as described on the right.

Depending on your choice of client, they can be set to run full-screen, or as a small pop-up window so you have full flexibility in terms of deployment styles.

So, every agent can have their own desktop window on their call queues, or the whole team can have a centrally-focused plasma display, containing crisp, clear, up-to-date traffic information.

  SpliceQueue Components  
The Information Server

This is an essential component of any SpliceQueue system.

The Server is responsible for broadcasting live queue statistics every 500ms across your LAN(s).
Any type of SpliceQueue Client running on the same LAN receives these broadcasts and displays them accordingly.

The Desktop Client

The Desktop Client is an unobtrusive virtual wallboard that pops up when it detects queue activity - showing user-selectable pages of queue and active call details.

The Wallboard Client

In either single-queue or multiple-queue format, this is intended to drive one or more large-screen displays which are placed in view of all of your call centre agents.

SpliceQueue Flash Client

A very simple but attractive Macromedia Flash version of the Desktop Client, for all operating systems.  These SWF files are fully-functioning wallboards with no dependencies, so they can integrate seamlessly into your intranet or internet sites.

Network Repeater

This tiny system service is used to link separate LANs or remote office networks to the main Information Server. It allows the Server's queue information broadcasts to be forwarded on so everyone can see the stats on their own network.


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