Report formats

Reports can be run on-demand or scheduled at regular intervals in any of the following formats:


Universally-accessible, this format provides clickable column headers for dynamic sorting of table data, with clean, scalable graphical charts. Each report is fully customisable - right down to the individual table fields. To view these types of report, you need only a standard web browser.


TIM Plus can produce its clean, crisp, multi-page reports in Adobe's popular format, ideal for distributing your reports to colleagues inside and outside of your organisation - and guaranteeing they'll look identical across all operating systems when viewed on the screen or printed out.


Open your reports directly in Microsoft's popular spreadsheet package or compatible products. Basic formatting can be applied to rows, columns or individual cells.


Allows you to interface the results in comma-separated format to your back office systems. The format is fully customisable using XSLT from the report's original XML format.


Since all reports are derived from this native format, we pack each one with all the data you'd ever need, so you'll always be able to extract the report data into your favourite reporting packages, such as Business Objects, Crystal Reports, or even your favourite Office spreadsheet.