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Frequently Asked Questions

I have maintenance on my CMS or Voicemail System.  How will this be met?

The key people from SAIL now reside with Tri-Line and are able to deal with any problems with SAIL products.  You would need to take out a fresh maintenance agreement with us.  We provide various levels of support for SAIL products as well as favourable discounts for SAIL customers upgrading to our own software.   See our Services page for details of Tri-Line's unparalleled service management process.

What about my Y2K upgrade?

Tri-Line can offer the relevant upgrades to meet your needs. We have Y2K solutions for all SAIL products.  See our Products page for more information.

Any more questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us direct, between the hours of 0900 and 1800, using any of the following methods...

Sales 0171 686 7655  Software 0171 686 5801

Fax 07050 695149  Email [email protected]